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Tours:  horseback, ATV, balloon, etc. San Miguel Events Home l Contact

There is a lot to experience in and around San Miguel de Allende.

NOTE: The first bit of the contact information for each listing is the neighborhood.

tours san miguel allende

And You Thought You'd Seen Everything

152 0849, 044 415 153 5944,,

Tours to Charco del Ingenio, Shopping in the center of San Miguel, tours out of San Miguel, Atotonilco, Dolores Hidalgo, Mineral de Pozos.

tours san miguel allende

Antonio's Transports and Tours

Centro, Prolongacion Pila Seca 21, 154 7146, 415 117 6972,;

Tours and transport in and out San Miguel.

tours san miguel allende


Centro, Jesus 11, 120 0001, 152 1999, US 202 609 9905,,

Tours for San Miguel de Allende Travel.

tours san miguel allende

Balloon Adventures -Hot air balloon

Centro, Recreo 75, San Miguel Allende, 415 152 6735, 415 114 2174

Flights are available any day of the week, (2 person minimum). Approximately 1 hour flight.

tours san miguel allende

Bicentenario Todo Terreno

Centro, Jesus 6, 152 7342, 01 800 83 69 758,;,

Aventura, diversion, cultura y mucha naturaleza.

tours san miguel allende

Bici Burro -Bicycling

Centro, Hospicio 1 corner of Barranca, 152 1526,,

Bike rental and tours.

tours san miguel allende

Botanical Garden Tour

Charco del Ingenio, Salida Real a Queretaro, 154 8838, 154 4715,,

Tour to Charco del Ingenio (botanical garden).

tours san miguel allende

Canada de la Virgen -Horseback riding astronomy tours, camping / hiking, meditations

San Antonio, Offiice on Orizaba 2, 154 8771, 152 7044,,

Sanctuary Canada de la Virgen is a nature preserve.

tours san miguel allende

Centro Ecuestre Los Senderos -Horseback riding

Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Av Central 101, 044 415 153 3295,;,

Horseback riding.

tours san miguel allende

Coyote Canyon Adventures -Country Adventures

Santa Julia, Chupiros 7A, 154 4193, 044 415 153 5005,,

Horseback riding, hiking, ciclismo, rappelling, camping, four-wheeler (ATV), hot air ballooning, ecological and multi-day cross country adventures and cooking lessons.

tours san miguel allende

Ecuestre Canales -Horseback riding

El Mirador, Pedro Paramo 37, 152 3386,

Riding school.

tours san miguel allende

Haciendas Tour


Tours to Haciendas.

tours san miguel allende

House & Garden Tours

Centro, Starts at the Biblioteca Publica, 152 0293 ext101,;,

Tour selected houses of San Miguel.

tours san miguel allende

Moto Rent -Four wheelers

Centro, Jesus 18 and Salida a Celaya Km 1 97, 152 4711, 152 1080,;,

ATV tours.

tours san miguel allende

My Tours (Jesus Rodriguez)

Landeta, Rancho LandetaAtotonilco, Dolores Hidalgo, Pozos, 044 415 114 0376,,

San Miguel Walking, Driving, Parks Houses and Gardens, Queretaro, Guanajuato.

tours san miguel allende

Perfect Journeys

044 415 111 8765, US 949 300 3682,

Theatre tours, equestrian tours, cruises, adventure travel.

tours san miguel allende

Rancho de la Capilla -Horseback riding

Rancho de la Capilla, 152 0265,,

Excursions on a scenic ranch along the road to Guanajuato.

tours san miguel allende

Rancho del Sol Dorado -Horseback riding

Rancho del Sol Dorado, Highway to Dolores Hidalgo, 155 9533, 044 415 111 5344,,

Horseback riding, hot air ballooning, mountain biking, carriage rides, ATV.

tours san miguel allende

Rancho la Loma -Horseback riding

La Loma, Highway to Dolores Hidalgo Km 3.1, 154 8060, 154 8070,,

24 stables.

tours san miguel allende

San Miguel Adventures -ATV guided tours, horseback riding, mountain bikes, hiking

Candelaria, Zacateros 54A and Codo 9 Local 3, 154 8820, 044 415 117 6741,,

ATVs, hosrseback riding, mountain bikes, hiking, airport transportation.

tours san miguel allende

San Miguel Magico (Jorge Chavez)

San Felipe Neri, Jose Mercadillo 12, 152 4501, 044 415 153 4433,;,

Private transportations, day tours, airport transportation and shopping trips.

tours san miguel allende

Sol y Luna Tours

Centro, Correo 41, Hospicio 6, 152 1922, 154 8599, 044 415 103 4112,,

We offer custom and group tours to every city and pueblo in Mexico, Belize, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, & Costa Rica! All tours are professionally guided by our knowledgeable bi-lingual staff.

tours san miguel allende

Tours Mexico Colonial

??Centro, Portal Allende 4 second floor, 152 5794, 044 415 109 4674, ??

Tour to other colonial cities.

tours san miguel allende

Transportadora Turistica Imperial

Centro, Plaza Principal 18, interior 7, 154 5408,,

Trolley city tour, tours in and out of San Miguel

tours san miguel allende

Xotolar Ranch Adventures -Horseback Tours

154 7265, 044 415 105 2622,,

Horseback riding

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